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The Application of Smart Film on Window Glass

The Application of Smart Film on
Window Glass
The application of smart film on window glass is a fantastic way to keep your
windows bright without having to deal with window treatments. 99% of UV rays from
the sun are blocked by the film, which prevents fading of furnishings กระจก ขุ่น. It is perfect for
veranda windows, entrances, balconies, and even home theater screens. Here are a
few examples of how smart film works. Read on to learn more about this innovative

Smart Window Film – Switchable PDLC Film
It can be controlled by an electrical switch and can be opaque or translucent. The
film has a liquid crystal display that offers good contrast features and can be used
for rear projection or front projection Chiefway Thailand. A reflective coat can also be added for front
projection. Smart films are perfect for use on store windows because they provide
excellent UV protection and can project images on both sides of a window. And, if
you’re considering putting up a rear projection screen, smart film is the perfect
While window films have long been used to reduce heat gain and increase privacy,
the advent of smart film provides a more efficient and aesthetic solution. Some
switchable window films, like CoolVu Window Film, are battery-operated and do not
need professional installation. Many models offer many different features. Some
“smart films” do not offer UV protection or reduce solar heat gain, and most require
regular maintenance over time. While some of them may be eye-pleasing and
energy-efficient, there are some shortcomings.

About Us - Smart Glass Tech
Smart films can be applied to windows and doors, and they can be customized to fit
specific applications. Intelligent Glass offers self-adhesive switches that can be
applied to pre-existing surfaces. And because they’re removable, they don’t require
a clean room environment or specialist labour. However, it is essential to note that
self-adhesive switchable film does not meet all specifications for glass window
Some smart films will yellow under UV light, making them difficult to maintain. If
they are not applied properly, they may come loose or delaminate over time. If not
installed by a qualified installer, smart films can come off easily. And, like any
window film, they are more likely to scratch than other types of windows.
Fortunately, high-quality smart films have extra protective layers to withstand the
effects of the sun. So, if you want your new window film to last, choose an installer
with extensive experience installing smart window films.
Electrochromic smart glass is another option for window treatments. Its transparent
surface can change to black or blue. However, it needs electricity to transform.
Otherwise, it remains either clear or opaque. In contrast, PDLC smart film stays clear
while electricity is present and transforms into frosted white privacy window film
when the power is shut off. This technology allows people to customize their home’s
interior with smart window films. It can even be applied to window coverings.

Beauty Tools For Women Under $25

Beauty Tools For Women Under $25
If you’re a woman, investing in a few good beauty tools is essential for your routine. From the
perfect eyebrow brush to the most effective Red light therapy, an ultrasonic skin scrubber, and
Forever Eye Masks skin care tools, the right beauty tool can streamline your beauty routine and take your
beauty routine to the next level. Experts and makeup artists share their recommended beauty
tools for you to use at home, and each of these products is well under $25.

Best Cheap Beauty Products Under $25: Skin Care, Makeup, Hair & More |  Allure
Skin-needling roller
The Environ Skin Needling Device is a world-first device that allows better transdermal
absorption of vitamins and other skin-care products beauty device. This unique device features a smooth action
roller head embedded with durable 0.1mm stainless steel microneedles, which work in synergy
with other Environ products. Read on for more information about Environ’s innovative
technology. And shop online for a Skin-needling roller today!
Ultrasonic skin scrubber
The ultrasonic skin scrubber has numerous benefits for your skin. Its pulsed action will gently
remove dead skin cells and pore blockages, leaving your skin clear, radiant, and glowing. Its
ion+ technology will remove dirt and debris from your skin on a particle level. You can also use it

to apply skin care products, leaving your skin smooth and supple. In addition to its pore-
cleansing capabilities, ultrasonic scrubbers can also remove congested pores and unclog your

skin’s pores.

The Best Skincare Under £5 According To A Beauty Editor
Red light therapy
While the effectiveness of red light therapy in treating skin problems is still under debate, many
people find the treatment relaxing and effective. Although red light therapy is a temporary
solution to skin problems, it can have a long-term positive impact. Studies have shown that red
light therapy can reduce pain, especially TMJ and carpal tunnel syndrome. Some studies have
even shown that red light therapy can help people with osteoarthritis, cold sores, and Achilles
tendinitis. There are many other benefits associated with red light therapy, but the treatment is
safe and effective for many skin conditions.
Forever Eye Masks
Dieux Skin’s Forever Eye Mask has quickly become the latest in a viral skincare craze. The eye
mask is made of medical-grade silicone, which acts as an occlusive layer to allow eye products
to sink in. The mask is designed to be worn for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. When you’re
finished, simply wash it with warm water and pat it dry. The product can even be stored in the
fridge to add a cooling de-puffing effect.
Gua sha stone
Using the Gua Sha stone as a beauty tool can help with many skin concerns. While it may seem

like a simple procedure, proper technique is important to avoid bruising and damage. After
washing the stone, it should be stored in a refrigerator until you are ready to use it again. Before
using the tool, you should apply a face oil, moisturiser, or serum to your skin. This will help
make your skin more slippery when using the tool, which is very important to prevent any
irritation. Then, hold the tool with your palm facing upwards. The curved part of the tool should
hug your curves while the flat part should rest on your skin.
Face brush
A facial brush is one of the most essential tools for beauty and skincare. It can be used to apply
makeup and smooth out facial contours. They are often used in conjunction with a magnifying
makeup mirror. Many users also pair their facial brushes with their skincare products. Listed
below are some of the benefits of facial brushes. Let’s explore these benefits. And learn more
about the different types of brushes that you can choose from. Read on to find out which one will
work best for you.

Enhance the website ranking effectively using seo tools

Enhance the website ranking effectively using seo tools
Search Engine Optimization is done the process of ranking a website on a search engine result
page. The developer's main goal is to improve its website digital marketing malaysia, traffic, and ranking high for a search

engine's targeted search term. Hence, the website holder uses some strategy to increase visitors'
high-rank placement on the search engine result page. Ranking at the top of search engine results
adds to your business's credibility and dramatically increases your brand's visibility.

Image result for Enhance the website ranking effectively using seo tools
SEO page:
On the page, seo is a practice of optimizing a webpage to improve your website's search engine
ranking and gets traffic. The ultimate goal of page seo is to show the developer's thoughts. The
developer digital marketing agencies malaysia. the viewer can understand the developer's ideas.
0n page search engine optimization happens within the site, while off-page search engine
optimization occurs outside the area. Construction backlinks are at the core of off-page seo. You
can add your link on other websites through a backlink.
Tools are used in seo:
 Keyword Research: this is the main seo tool that helps to find long-tail keywords with a
lower competition level. The specialists use this SEO tool to obtain the most suitable
keywords and run review reports on backlinks. Their Rank Tracker tool helps you
instantly manage your ranking while pursuing your development based on one key
 Content Marketing: Content is the one thing we all have to create if we want more
search traffic. Here are easy content marketing tools that can help you get the most out of
your research business.

 Rank Tracking: Google Analytics is a comprehensive tool to show you your overall
traffic, but it doesn't explain where you rank. If you want to track your rankings, you'll
need to use some tools.
 Link Building: You used to have to pay for tools if you wanted link data, but that's no
longer the case. You can add your backlink with brand mentions is one of the ways to
gets your website high ranking.
 Technical SEO: SEO has changed. You, no large, can do just a few items and require
your site to rank well. You have to do everything if you desire to beat your competition.
And when I mean everything that includes technical SEO. Now you can understood the
importance of seo tools.

Image result for Enhance the website ranking effectively using seo tools
How does the seo work?
Now you know what seo is, let's see the work of seo. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo,
and Bing use bots to crawl pages on the web, from site to site, collecting information about those
pages and putting them in an index. Next, algorithms separate pages in the index, taking into
account numbers of ranking factors or signals, to determine the order of pages in the search
results for a given query. The above tools are used to increased organic traffic and viewers.
SEO will stay. Through best content with optimized models, fast-loading pages, mobile-
friendliness, outside links, and a thoughtfully-crafted URL, you can ensure that your website gets
noticed by search engines. If you want to grow your search rankings, you can leverage one of the
free SEO tools preceding.

Multi touch solution in office

Samsung-OLED-Display-at-HIMSS-2016-Credit-Samsung.jpg (1920×1080) |  Motivasyon

Discrimination of Multi Touch and Its Specification 

Touchscreen gadgets are not entirely used by consumers, nor are certain firms. Incalculable enterprises are using touchscreen devices in their day-to-day operation, from grocery and food stores to production firms and budgetary management businesses. If you are a company owner, you should end up getting touchscreen devices in your professional area for the five following reasons.

Duration of life

Multi touch solution in office systems have stopped for a very long time, far longer than laptops and other secondary controls like a keyboard and a mouse. In reality, hundreds of thousands of touches will finish with a few touch screens, which helps you to use them for a number of years.

More orders

The bulk of touchscreen gadgets have more commands than other unchanged gadgets. In the other side, specialists will pinch the screen to zoom in or out of the display, whether a touchscreen gadget leads to multi-touch inventions. This may be only one of the many commands enabled by multi-touch technologies. Of course, touch screen foil gadgets also bolster sophisticated touch-based feedback in virtual consoles, keypads and other forms.

Productivity increased

After transporting touch-screen devices in your professional environment, you should take note of a positive improvement in your market effectiveness. They allow staff to carry out orders on a gadget quickly and helpfully, Multi touch solution in office which improves their productivity. As a company owner, improved productivity regularly provides better advantages. Which is why the use of touchscreen gadgets in the work environment should be appropriate?

Additionally, touchscreen gadgets encourage expanded labor efficiency. Satisfaction with expanded specialists Specialists enjoy more than most non-touchescreen devices using the touchscreen. They are easy to use, identifiable and featured which reflects their positive effect on the satisfaction of the professional.

Extreme responsiveness

Multi touch solution in office gadgets respond deep and trigger a touch control with light weight taps. Allowed, some forms of tactile devices are sensitive to them rather than others. The most sensitive, for example, are capacitive gadgets. In reality, drifting your finger over the display will trigger an order without touching it profoundly. Despite the fact that they always insert a functioning handle with a marginal weight, resistive devices are less reactive.

Simple to use natural and

Turnover and costs associated with the training of idle staff can be very high for any company. All their activities have become instinctive for these unused multi tactile displays and customers always commend how simple it is to use this invention. It also lets staff become more efficient when touch screens require less time than a traditional mouse and joystick.

New technology noteworthy

The freshly contracted and professional workers will enjoy the unused creativity and esthetics in the workplace will be made improvement. With Made measures Apps In the event you merge these displays to make sense, with their potential to match multiple equipment and working frames. Windows 8 was designed for intelligent touch screens and brings a few fabulous advances to the touch screen software.


What are the enchanting reasons for using the multi touch screen technology

What is meant by a multi touch screen?

The science behind smart office design - Ideas

The multi touch is the technology that enables the surface of the touch screen to allow the presence of more than one point of contact with the surface at the same time. In mobile devices and smart devices, the capacitive sensing technology is used in the smartglass multi touch screen. It was invented by Wayne Westerman and John Elias.


What are the ideas for the display in the retail and front stores?


The human beings are highly visual in the nature and this is the important impact of running the physical store. The ideas of the multimedia display in retail/front store are given by,


  • Create the immersive retail displays
  • Encourage the people to touch and feel of the products
  • Use plants
  • Don’t forget about the cross merchandising
  • Have something for the kids like cartoons and keep portable
  • Use the displays to educate the people about the products
  • Consider upcycling
  • Have something seasonal
  • Be witty with your visuals and use the technology to extend the displays
  • Know that sometimes less is more


What are the benefits of using the multi touch screen in offices?

Modern Executive Office Design | CEO Office Interior Design - CAS

Almost every office is familiar with the multi touch technology for the automation. The benefits of multi touch solution in office are given by,


  • It is easy to use, robust, secure, and delivers superior visualizations.
  • It enhances the remote functionality and less time and low cost
  • The multi touch will be lowering the training time and costs
  • Inherently it is suitable for the office automation
  • It has the capability of automating the safety measures and diagnosis of possible problems.
  • Infographic


How to choose the multi touch screen for the meeting and conference?


There are plenty of considerations and reviews when picking the ideal and best solution for smart glass manufacturers multi touch screen impact, meeting, conferences. They are given by,


  • Hardware specifications
  • Resolution and size of the screen
  • Connectivity, touch, and stylus
  • UI and UX designs, onboard operating system, and home screen
  • Annotation tools, business meeting collaboration and supports the multiple file formats
  • Mirroring from the mobile devices and cloud drives
  • QR code can be scan and save
  • The embedded email application is an important feature in the multi touch screen.


What are the pros and cons of the multi touch screen technology?



  • It is very convenient to use and portable. The touch screen laptops and mobile phones are portable.
  • Functionality and availability




  • Lack of necessity
  • It has the fragility
  • Input lag and affordability


What is the final thought about the multi touch screen technology?


From the above discussion, the multi touch screen is widely used in the offices, companies, and industries for the efficient work. With help of the multi touch screen, the time will be saved and it can be operated as multi functioning. It is low expensive which is compared to the other traditional methods.


Buy Kids Toys Online

If you think of gifting your kid with something special, then a scooter can be one of the best options to choose from. They are fun and adventurous to ride, and I am sure your kids would love it. The scooters are an upgraded version of cycles and are available in various designs and sizes. It is more sensible to choose electrical toys than traditional forms of toys available in the market.

Best toys for kids

Once you have decided to purchase a scooter for your kid, then comes the turn of deciding which type, design, or color you would like to buy for your kid. These scooters are available in different sizes, colors, some come along with a bell and some without it, and some are kick scooters, whereas some are the simple ones.

Hence one has to choose according to the needs and requirements of the kid. Some scooters have a dashboard like your cars, which may attract your kid towards it. These toys are near reality because some of them have keys to start it, signal lights that can be used whenever your kid takes a turn or horns that can be blown when anybody comes in front of the scooter. However, to make your kid use such features, you must train and guide him to ride it well and make the most of it. Additionally, you can always monitor their progress via the best baby monitor.


So, make your kids ready for learning and fun while playing the games with the rocking kids. Well, these games are fun-filled and exciting. Hence, your kids will be enjoying themselves a lot while playing the baby hazel’s games. Well, the games are plenty on the Internet. Generally, available free for download. You download and introduce them to your kids.

If you are a little unaware of the tricks and game, you can also learn it from the Internet’s video tutorials. Also, you can get the game from the official website of Baby Hazel games. On the need for a technical platform, then the games can play with adobe flash player. 

Online gaming sites:

Well, there are so many sites, which will access you to the baby hazel games. But, please rely on the official website to Play Baby Hazel Games. Well, you can choose games like Baby Hazel Fancy Dress, Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance, Baby Hazel Laundry Time, Baby Hazel Summer Fun, Baby Hazel at Beach, Baby Hazel Royal Bath, Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble, Baby Hazel Parrot Care, Baby Hazel Granny House, Baby Hazel Skin Trouble, Baby Hazel Learns Manners, Baby Hazel Kite Flying, etc. Well, the list doesn’t end here. You can find more than hundreds of such baby hazel’s games for your kids.

Parents may be resistant to buy scooters for their kids because they consider them unsafe for their children, but this is just a myth. These scooters are made by the best companies in the market, which takes every safety measure necessary for the rider’s safety. You can even go through the feedback forms or reviews of other parents and children using it, and you shall find that the scooters are the favorite kid’s toys. There is nothing to worry about; gift a scooter to your kid, and I am sure he/she will love it.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Bitcoins

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Which Is a Better Buy? | Cryptocurrency | US News

It is 2020, guys! And everything you see around yourself is a gift of technology. We are technologically advanced and have been using these technical items for a long time now. And you very well know what items we use.

But did you ever imagine that the money we use will be digital someday? We are in a phase where the currency we use is digital too! And here I am talking about bitcoins. You must have heard about these.


What Are Bitcoins?

These are cryptocurrencies which we use in our daily payments. We invented this as a marketing gimmick but have evolved to be something better than that. It is a type of online cryptocurrency and is completely a digital form of cash. Though it was a gimmick, it has become one of the biggest payment methods for most businesses! 

This has diversified the payment system while making it a lot simpler. It is now a preferred mode of payment for a lot of businesses all over the world. And that is a big number! But why is this method so preferable? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this mode of payment.



  • Grants Anonymity To Buyers

Now, this is something all of us want. We never want our financial details to get public. And this is where Bitcoin helps. It offers anonymity to the buyers. Buyers can now complete their transactions without sharing any of their details.

This is a type of payment that most hackers fail to intercept. Thus, buyers have full security ensured!

  • Fewer Transaction Fees

It is common for most of us who use credit or debit cards for payments. Whenever we use any of these, we are charged some amount of transaction fees. But through this mode of payment, the transaction fees are either very low or zero. And this feature makes it a good-to-go option for small start-ups!

  • No Currency Exchange

It is one of the worst problems are most of us face while in a foreign country. We have to go through a lot of efforts and processes. Imagine a situation where you are in a country and have exchanged the currencies, but the government declares your currency to be valueless! You will be left with papers with no credibility. But this does not happen in the case of Bitcoins.

These are completely decentralized, and by no means can any government declare them to be valueless! Yeah, those can be banned but still do not lose their value in the marketplaces! 



  • Unknown To Many

There are very few who have an idea about Bitcoins. Most businesses are indeed adapting to this mode, but the numbers are still less. And thus, there is a very low degree of acceptance.

  • Incomplete

This feature is still in the developmental phase, which means that there are many more to come. New tools and services are yet to come (know more cryptocurrency wallet development) , and hence, most businesses fail to offer any insurance! 


Bitcoins are one of the safest modes of payment with cryptocurrency software malaysia. But the information about this is insufficient. So investment in it is no less than a risk. Still, it has become popular, and there are reasons for that.

BARDOX 2.0 不单单可以瘦身、排毒,它更是一款高纤维 低热量代餐能力棒

BARDOX 2.0 不单单可以瘦身、排毒,它更是一款高纤维•低热量代餐能力棒!



别担心,最近小编很有空,MCO宅在家的日子里,发现有一款代餐能量棒比“COVID-19” 更强、更快、更霸道,但绝对不会让你恐惧,只会惊喜不断哟!








全马最时尚BARDOX 2.0_5合1组合_代餐、瘦身、排毒、保健及美容,你会体验到有史以来最好吃、最棒的代餐!





BARDOX 2.0 富含大量的营养素及20种天然成分。当BARDOX 2.0 与水分碰撞之后,会八倍膨胀,从而达到饱腹感,是马来西亚数一数二的排毒代餐王。如果早上前空腹或睡前半小时吃一块,还能有事半功倍的效果。



BARDOX 2.0,除了可以补充我们日常摄取不足的纤维外,当中的九种纯天然成分(核桃枣泥、爆米花、白芸豆、杏仁片、芦荟、橄榄油、小麦纤维、燕麦纤维、低聚异能量麦芽糖),一大块只含72卡路里热量,可达到排毒及提供能量等效果。



BARDOX 2.0富含20种天然成分,可以帮助肠道蠕动,清肠通便作用。通常吃了7至12小时后,就会有便意,能轻松的排出宿便和毒素。



BARDOX 2.0内含有葡萄干、脆米、枣泥及燕麦纤维成分。这些成分与纤维都可促进消化功能,提供高蛋白质及有益的补充人体营养。



一块BARDOX 2.0就能充分的给予人体所需的纤维素及营养素,加上全素食材及成份天然,营养价值非常高。每天只需在早餐前20分钟吃一块,就能使身体充满活力!



BARDOX 2.0富含高维生素及蛋白质如燕麦、白芸豆及脆米是有助于减少脂肪堆积,分解体内油脂,并塑造身型,使你拥有完美身材比例。



BARDOX 2.0里的白芸豆有效阻断淀粉分解,加速人体新陈代谢功能,而蓝莓及蔓越莓却有助于延缓衰老。所以BARDOX 2.0就富含均衡的维生素、蛋白质及矿物质,人人都需要它!



营养不均衡,会引起常见的便秘问题。BARDOX 2.0是一款辅助型产品,内含核桃枣泥,可以防止便秘。所以这款能量棒就恰恰能帮助改善便秘及肠道健康问题。当毒素累积在体内,会导致健康问题比如大肠癌,所以每天吃一块BARDOX 2.0,是能有效预防便秘症状。



胃病越来越常见,这是为什么呢?最主要原因就是SKIP早餐!二来就是饮食习惯不佳,没有固定的早午晚餐时间。BARDOX 2.0 里的蔓越莓可降低胃溃疡和胃癌的发生。每天只需撕开便能吃到美味的代餐,再配上一杯白开水即可,方便又省事!





BARDOX 2.0里有纤维素能刺激肠的蠕动,将毒素排出体外,同时延缓和减少有害物质的吸收,帮助保持肠胃健康及排毒美颜,从而可以保护皮肤健康。


BARDOX 2.0 十大超级功效



5 Technologies Changing the World


The technology is advancing at unbelievable speed from the past two decades. Our society has seen several quick changes in our lifestyle and work process due to technological advancement during this era. While the 20th-century researchers predicted that we would have flying cars by the 2000s, the technology has become more inclined towards the internet, social networking, and streaming. But the idea of flying cars can also be just around the corner when we already see automated cars getting introduced in the market. Not only that, there are several technologies, including the ones mentioned below, that will result in another technological boom soon.

Voice assistants

IoT is changing the way we access our home appliances and devices. The voice assistants offered by Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. are using AI to become increasingly helpful in our lives. With every update, the AI of the voice assistants is developing a stronger understanding of our requirements. Voice assistants are making a difference in the users’ lifestyle today as they expect new things to come out soon.

Voice assistants

Robot Assistants

Machine learning and robotics have been some of the oldest studied subjects in the field of technology. Today, several companies create their own robot assistants that can provide effective help in factories and even on battlefields. Companies like Knightscope and Boston Dynamics have already created successful AI robots that can help in production and ease at work.

AR and VR

While virtual reality is trending a lot among the gamers, augmented reality still does not have many applications, even though it is available. Most of the people are still unclear about launching AR applications, but companies like Apple are investing billions in augmented reality hardware. Soon we can see AR tech in the market that can be used to connect reality with digitalization.

AR and VR

Regenerative medicine

The medical industry is keen on finding the right ways to create regenerative body parts using the body part’s cells in question. They are planning to use the cells to completely develop a body part until it grows strong enough to be implanted inside the patient. Companies like Organovo are working to invent a printer that can print body parts. As soon as this technology becomes active, it will help millions of people with organ transplants.

Reusable rocket

Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin have already created the rockets that can be used again. It will save millions and billions for the companies to launch rockets into space. Building a rocket to reach space is one of the costliest aspects of accomplishing the task. With the new technology that will help us to land the rockets properly, we can save the cost of making a new one every time. All the body parts of the rocket are now being made reusable to reduce space travel costs for the future.